Grow your business with Bassem stocks

M&A EXPORT is the largest wholesale company in Italy specialized in stocks of new clothes and shoes. With us you will find lots of different brands all year long. We offer you ready-to-wear stocks, accessories and shoes for men, women and kids, at very competitive prices.
The arrivals are permanent, varied choice and for all budgets! Our minimum order quantity.
Brands: zara, pull & bear, bershka, orsay, cache cache, h&m, idexe, sergeant major, okaidi, piazza italia, yamamay, promod, jennifer, segue, carpisa …

Bassem Stocks is highly skilled in export and import management. We plan, direct and coordinate the distribution or transportation of products and services to our customers around the world. We coordinate sales distribution by establishing territories, quotas and sales targets. To maintain our state-of-the-art expertise and skills, we are developing training programs for sales representatives, organized by experts. Members of our management team analyze sales statistics collected by staff to determine sales potential and inventory requirements, as well as to monitor customer preferences.

  •  Export : Bassem Stock able to supply clothing stocks on four continents thanks to a well-established
    network of commercial relationships.
  • Commercial Network : Bassem Stocks is a company specialized in wholesaling clothing, footwear, accessories and materials of the current fashion season and the recent season. Bassem Stocks has established strong sales relationships with top fashion brands to secure a strong sales network in a large number of countries outside Europe. This ensures significant sales volumes throughout the year and a sustained growth curve. The company is in full swing, always in search of new countries in which to form new commercial relations, to perpetuate them and to make them profitable.
  • Import Countries: The wide variety of fashion brands that Bassem Stock offers its customers comes mainly from Europe, the United States and Canada. The availability and reliability of Bassem Stock has earned the trust of its customers. Bassem Stocks is built on a solid rock, made of professionalism and a high level of customer service. The company is in constant contact with its suppliers.  The sales department guarantees the possibility of research and studies.
  • International trade: International trade gives consumers and countries the opportunity to become familiar with new markets and products. All types of apparel, footwear, accessories and materials are found in Bassem Stocks. Bassem stock you stock import clothing stocks from Europe, the United States and Canada and the worldwide award. Our advanced technologies, including transportation, globalization and multinationals, all have a major impact on our international trading system. Increasing international trade is crucial for the pursuit of globalization.
  • Financial Services : The strong financial services network Bassem Stocks guarantees a wide variety of financial tools to carry out transactions all over the world and your import or export will be easy and solid.